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Chad Porter, Inspiring A Better You.

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Experience how a young boy overcomes a horrific tragedy to not only survive but to defy all odds and turn, what most would find insurmountable, into a life of inspiring people across the globe for over 20 years. I have been called to train, keynote, coach, and motivate individuals, corporate conferences, and businesses around me to improve themselves and those around them. Together, we’ve produced measurable results and my story has left a lasting impression on hundreds of thousands of people.

I’ve worked with CEO’s and executives on improving their business by encouraging their employees. I’ve spoken to MLB, NFL, and college athletes on the premise of being a team player and unlocking leadership skillsets that are inside all of us and fighting through what appears at the time as insurmountable.

From conferences, churches, schools, small businesses, and community organizations to the Fortune 500, people in all walks of life are inspired by my message. I help groups of all sizes, from small conference workshops to large venue conferences.

From high profile clients to locally owned and operated co-ops, it doesn’t matter. Everyone faces obstacles in life. I am excited to be able to share my story and teach others how to be successful in life.

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Who Benefits

From the Fortune 500 and small businesses, to national conferences and non-profits, people of all ages and walks of life owe it to themselves to hear this powerful keynote and trainer. Chad is one of the nation’s most highly recommended speakers. Corporate CEO’s, Fundraising Executives, MLB, NFL and college athletes, and coaches alike praise Chad’s inspirational and motivational message.

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Walk with Chad as he recounts the obstacles he faces and listen to his uplifting message about perseverance, self-esteem, and accomplishing goals. If you are looking for a run of the mill motivational speaker… keep searching. Chad is going to touch your heart, your mind, and your soul with one of the most inspirational accounts of finding hope in your darkest moments.

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Powerful Message

Chad’s powerful account of overcoming obstacles, perseverance, and dealing with life’s challenges to go on to create a better world resonate a message that leaves a lasting impression on an audience and produces measurable results. Combining his life experiences with the time tested Ziglar principals creates an amazing combination guaranteed to give you the tools to be a difference maker.

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Zig Ziglar Team

Working hand in hand and being a part of the Elite Zig Ziglar Team, I have the privilege of combining my powerful messages with the timeless wisdom of Zig himself.

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Difference Maker

I have never related my story and struggles with anyone else’s but what I do understand is what it takes to make it out standing tall and to overcome what some might see as insurmountable.

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A Message that Spans Ages, Lifestyles, and Interests

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