NATHAN D. FLINT, Lt Col, USAF, Commander,

571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron

Our squadron has a unique mission in service to the United States, and we appreciate the unique mission you serve to the same. Thanks for coming out to see us and helping us grow our capabilities as leaders, sharpen our focus as Airmen, and cultivate our compassion as people. Keep inspiring others…our country depends on it… In service, Nate

George Kinigopoulos,

Managing Partner, M

Chad’s story was incredibly inspiring. His message really resonated with our group and applied to everyone either personally, professionally, or both. If you’re looking for someone that can deliver a powerful and engaging presentation, look no further. Chad is a great speaker and role model for us all. We were honored to have him speak at our meeting.

Trot Nixon,

Boston Red Sox/World Champion

I have heard motivational speakers throughout my career in professional baseball and I can tell you that Chad Porter ranks among the top of inspirational messages that I have heard. I believe in giving back and being a positive influence… Chad lives this everyday through his speaking. I would highly recommend that you hire his services for any engagement.

Tim Worley,

Former Pittsburgh Steeler & SEC/UGA Legend

Chad took what was a tragedy and turned it into something amazing. He’s one of those speakers that will keep you on the edge of your seat and you don’t want him to stop. He’s an awesome speaker and you will never regret hiring him to speak for your event or corporate team.

Dawn F.

I was blown away by your story, your struggles and your successes but mostly by your attitude through it all and the grace of God in your life. I was at the meeting today and I probably could have stayed and talked to you for hours however I had to go meet with clients lol. I had an amazing year last year and have felt the last month I am being dumped on or tested with struggle after struggle and keeping my faith in God that he has an amazing plan for my life however I have… felt as if I’m failing lately and I needed to hear your message today. God put me in that room today to hear some very specific things you said today. I have been asking the why why why for 30 days regarding something I believed was in my life from God and true and I too heard You’re not meant to know yet but soon enough you will know. Anyway. Thank you and I look forward to a book or movie.

Nancy Dunn Thompson,


We’re a school system of high expectations, and Chad Porter did not disappoint. His story was powerful and his delivery dynamic and engaging in ways that not only made our faculty and staff laugh and sometimes cry–but also incited a desire to change. To do more. To do better. To be our best so all our students can do their best. Chad Porter’s message at our convocation touched and inspired me in ways I did not anticipate. I made a commitment of change that day that I implemented in my actions–and I am better for it. It’s the best of outcomes–an inspiring shared time and a call to action to be and do our best.

M. Purvis,

Cox Communication

First, you need to know where my head was that day. On November 30th, my family suffered a great loss. My 21 year old nephew died tragically after accidentally mixing medications. His little brother and sister found him. He was in a great place in his young life. It’s been horrific on so many levels. I only share this with you to understand my state of mind that day. As you know Cox was sending a very strong “2B” message. I just assumed our keynote speaker would be all about “work harder, sell more, close faster”. After almost 2 months of grieving silently (very few people at work new what had happened), I was feeling very….negative for lack of a better word. Then you walked on stage…I was expecting someone to be overly energized telling me to “Sell more! Do more! Faster! Smarter! Let’s proclaim it!” It was soooo refreshing to hear you speak from the heart. About life, with such integrity and sincerity. About our free will that God gave us to make our own decisions with what life throws at us. About the fact that everyone has struggles (some more terrifying than others) and it’s how we choose to face them is our journey. Our lives are bigger than our quotas but the challenges can be tackled the same way, and when put under the perspective of dealing with what life throws at us, quota is a cakewalk in comparison. I went into the Vice President of Cox Business’ office a few days after our kickoff to thank him for choosing you. You helped me breathe. You helped me remember things I already know but needed to hear. As I told the VP, and again in an email to our Marketing Director, you helped me feel focused and re-energized. EXACTLY what I needed.

Thank you so much for your guidance and mentorship. As a small business owner, it is imperative to have Mr Porter help and guide you. If you need motivation and don’t know where to find it, quit looking. Chad Porter is your guy! Above all that, he is a very giving person. He stepped up for a fundraising event I was having for a dear friend with cancer and knocked it out of the park.

Chad has quite an inspiring and motivational story. He spoke to the Independent Insurance Agents of Horry/Georgetown Counties and he certainly held everyone’s attention. We have had many comments about how everyone really enjoyed him as a speaker. He left us with realizing the importance of each and every day and how quickly life can change.

You have amazed us through the years and have been an inspiration to so many! Praying for you and all who were affected by that day so long ago!

You inspired people you’ve never known. I have friends who still ask about you.

My kids were so engaged. You are a great speaker. You were doing something you loved when tragedy hit, and you handled it with such perseverance. Your talk is opposite of the old speeches where the drug addict becomes hero. You are always the hero! All kids should hear your story.

Chad Porter is such a fantastic person. He delivers a message of hope and determination that makes a huge impression in such a positive way. Noble students and staff were talking about Chad’s story all day long. There is no doubt that his words and personal experience will be remembered for a lifetime. Very powerful and uplifting! Thanks for being a great role model and showing all of us how to live life to the fullest.

Your story is amazing and you are such an inspiration!

Jennifer Bergman,

Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC

Finding a good speaker for any conference can be challenging. But finding a Keynote speaker for a Welcome Session full of attorneys is it’s own special kind of challenge. Somehow, we found Chad Porter. And after looking at his website, his videos, and speaking to him on the phone, we thought he and his story would be a good fit. Still, we had no personal references of him and were wary of how it would go over. Thankfully, I can honestly say that we lucked out. It could not have been more perfect. First of all, Chad is just a great guy. He’s friendly, he’s personable, and he’s flexible to our needs. Secondly, he’s a fantastic speaker and storyteller. He knows how to sprinkle in some humor yet stay serious and true to his message at the same time. Our attorneys and spouses LOVED him. As engaging as he was already, he took it a step further and asked the audience to interact within his presentation. It really set the tone for our retreat. I am so thankful we found Chad, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great speaker. I wouldn’t classify him as a ‘motivational’ speaker in the traditional sense. Those often times are cheesy and have the same tired message. Chad really serves as a reminder not to take anything for granted and to never give up. Inspiring? Yes. Cheesy? No. Chad – thank you so much for journey out to our retreat and for being such a fantastic speaker, and in general, a great person. We appreciate you hanging out with us after the event as well! Please let us know if you ever need anything!!! Jennifer Bergman

Nick South, Executive Director,

CeSouth College-Asheville

I have heard a lot of inspirational and motivational speakers in my lifetime and Chad Porter was by far one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. His message is clear, moving, inspirational, witty and promising. Chad had the attention of everyone in that building that day, there were laughs, tears and a pure sense of accomplishment and at the end of it, everyone was moved, inspired and able to take something away from it. I truly thank Chad for his message, inspiring words, encouragement and overall accomplishment. Thank you for being such a positive role model and showing us all that there should not be one day taken for granted.

Linda Flick

Chad’s inspirational message reaches deep to the core of what matters inside of you. His words resonate with every person in the room. He gently guides you to reach out of your comfort zone and find joy in the simple things. He brings tears and laughter, and motivates you to want to be a better you. He is one of the best speakers I have heard in a very long time. This message of hope, joy, and determination does not disappoint.

Abel F. De Leon

Chad Porter is a wonderful speaker with truly inspirational message. I had the pleasure of introducing him and hearing him speak at our district convocation and it was evident that his words moved the crowd. We laughed, we learned, we walked away inspired together. I would recommend Mr. Porter to any organization looking to coalesce their community of stakeholders around a single inspirational message. His energy and his story are both amazing and infectiously motivational. Chad is someone we can all look up to as the paradigm of hope for living the type of life we want regardless of our struggles. Thank you for sharing your message with us Chad.

Mary Lutka

Mr. Porter spoke at our school’s convocation a few weeks ago. He was engaging and honest. His story reflected the best values and how to push on and encourage others to push on. I loved hearing him speak- he had a very powerful message.

Judy Mcarn

You are amazing and awesome! What you did at our conference this week was so touching! You made a difference with each of us! The best motivational we have ever had! Keep up your great work! Thank you

I have been to many graduations in my life and have heard many “big name” speakers but I have never experienced a more moving and powerful commencement address as I heard today from Mr. Porter. Those graduates received a blessing and will never forget his message. Everyone in the arena is better off after today.

Words can not express what I took from Mr. Porters speech. The things he spoke on will touch and reach each and every person that hears it. I would highly recommend having him speak at any function you may be holding. He’s a God send and a true inspiration to everyone.

We welcomed Chad Porter to our pulpit for our Youth Sunday where he delivered a message that has influenced our youth, children and adults. Indeed we may think that we have our lives planned out but God has a plan for each of us that is so much more meaningful and powerful than we could ever imagine.

Chad is more than a “speaker”, he is more than just a motivator, he is a man that God is using in a wonderful way. He exemplifies the verse in Romans 8….”We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God; those who are called according to His purpose.”

The first time I heard Chad speak it was at a fundraiser. As I listened, I kept thinking “Others have got to hear this!” I especially thought of the youth at my church. How many times in life do we just go through the motions without thought of how things can change so quickly?!

So I invited Chad to come speak at church. It was equally powerful! You could hear a pin drop as he spoke about the details of his accident, how it affected his life, and how he decided not to let a little think like losing a leg keep him from excelling and making a difference.

Keep doing good work and making a difference in the lives of others, its how the world will change, for the better.

So proud of you and the awesome man, husband, father you have become. God is good all the time….

I can still hear the sounds and see the events so clearly. What an amazing boy you were then and an inspiring man you have become today!

You are a brave soul my friend and I admire you for all you have overcome!

Your response to the accident has inspired me for years. A lot of us wouldn’t have handled life with such grace. I’m very proud.

I’ve known Chad for years…he truly is an inspiration! Such a warm personality and a positive person…it’s an honor to know him!