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I wanted to quickly write about one of my recent events because of the overwhelming responses that I received and it was such a great group of people to be able to keynote. The School of Science and Technology has several campuses around Texas and invited me to speak at their recent convocation. What a great day for me and the 400 plus that attended. These events are so rewarding and I really enjoy speaking to the teachers that have one of the toughest jobs around. Please pray for them as they start the new school year!

Chad Porter is a wonderful speaker with truly inspirational message. I had the pleasure of introducing him and hearing him speak at our district convocation and it was evident that his words moved the crowd. We laughed, we learned, we walked away inspired together. I would recommend Mr. Porter to any organization looking to coalesce their community of stakeholders around a single inspirational message. His energy and his story are both amazing and infectiously motivational. Chad is someone we can all look up to as the paradigm of hope for living the type of life we want regardless of our struggles. Thank you for sharing your message with us Chad. ~Abel

Mr. Porter spoke at our school’s convocation a few weeks ago. He was engaging and honest. His story reflected the best values and how to push on and encourage others to push on. I loved hearing him speak- he had a very powerful message. ~Mary

Mr. Porter, It was a real pleasure to have you come to our teacher and staff convocation in August! Your words of inspiration, relentless splendor, and positive outlook on life were and are truly motivational for all. Thank you for taking the time out of your family life, work, and day to spend it with our teachers and staff. For me it reminded of a time when I was unable to use my hands for 2 years and how perseverance pays off! We wish you the utmost success in your travels, business, and motivational speaking. God bless and keep inspiring our society! Sincerely, Mrs. Medina M.S. ed. & M.S. Organizational Leadership District Special Programs Coordinator District Federal Programs Coordinator District GT Coordinator

We’re a school system of high expectations, and Chad Porter did not disappoint. His story was powerful and his delivery dynamic and engaging in ways that not only made our faculty and staff laugh and sometimes cry–but also incited a desire to change. To do more. To do better. To be our best so all our students can do their best. Chad Porter’s message at our convocation touched and inspired me in ways I did not anticipate. I made a commitment of change that day that I implemented in my actions–and I am better for it. It’s the best of outcomes–an inspiring shared time and a call to action to be and do our best. ~Nancy


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