Our Services

You’re ready to jumpstart your life and career, but aren’t sure where to begin? I can help with that. We all have the ability to overcome life’s challenges and be successful. My job is to show and inspire you how. I am in the business of changing lives and I certainly do not take that responsibility lightly. If you’re looking for someone who delivers an extremely powerful and engaging message, look no further. It’s time to decide if you are ready and willing to invest in the most important asset… YOU, your employees, and coworkers. Review my services and CONTACT ME for your next event.

Sales and Leadership Training

No matter what field you choose to earn a living in, we all have the job of selling! This not only relates to work but also our personal and family lives as well. I love teaching effective sales and communication techniques that help you become the very best you can be in all areas of life. Combining my own life story and experiences with the timeless and proven sales techniques of Zig Ziglar, you are guaranteed to have the tools you need to win at life. Through motivational training at speaking engagements, conferences, and workshops, I equip individuals and organizations with the perspectives, knowledge, and systems needed for achieving success in life. This powerful experience works for all walks of life from the small business owner wanting to improve morale and improve their bottom line to the Fortune 500 who want to stay competitive and equip their employees with the tools to help them achieve their own goals. Each training session is built on Zig Ziglar’s biggest lesson – “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Motivational Speaking

Effective keynote speaking is not delivered through soapbox speeches, but rather by fully engaging audiences with honesty, passion, and personality. Over the past 20 years, I have effectively communicated with hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. My keynotes are often described as an emotional rollercoaster as you will experience a passionate delivery full of lots of humor and many heart-touching moments as well. As a keynote speaker in conjunction with the Zig Ziglar International Team, my inspirational story combined with the timeless and motivational lessons of Zig Ziglar leaves audiences with a renewed sense of a personal and professional passion for success. Audiences large and small, plus a variety of groups including CEO’s, professional athletes, community leaders, and students – who were all born to win – have been inspired by my will to succeed. My mission to change lives has created an impressive message that I’m called to share with you and your team.

Custom Services

Success transcends the definition the business world has assigned to it. To be truly successful is to effectively manage all aspects of your life including the personal, physical, family, mental, financial, spiritual, and professional. I am prepared to help you customize programs and services that help you define and achieve your goals. CONTACT ME today for a free consultation on customized training, speaking engagements, coaching, and more.