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REMAX Reactions

Chad delivers a powerful message. He is engaging and funny! I highly recommend you hire Chad today. Chad came and spoke to our group and got rave reviews. Change your life and do it NOW!    Renny, REMAX I just wanted to let you know that I have been to many Zig Ziglar conferences and always came away inspired. Your speech for our group yesterday was so moving, so entertaining and …Read More

You are worthy.

Stop drowning in the past and start breathing all the good that is around you. You deserve to be happy. Now you must choose to be. #purpose #love #deserving #inspiration #motivation #sharethelove #sharethepost ChadPorter.org

Testimony from Attorney Conference. 

“Finding a good speaker for any conference can be challenging. But finding a Keynote speaker for a Welcome Session full of attorneys is it’s own special kind of challenge. Somehow, we found Chad Porter. And after looking at his website, his videos, and speaking to him on the phone, we thought he and his story would be a good fit. Still, we had no personal references of him and were …Read More

Key to Happiness 

Have you ever struggled to find happiness in your life? I’ve discovered over the years that there is one sure way of bringing a smile to my face no matter what I’ve been going through. Making someone else smile. Giving back to those who need our help. Those who are less fortunate. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our world and when things don’t go our way we …Read More

Keynote for your Annual Conference

I have had the privilege of traveling the country sharing a message of hope, inspiration, perseverance, and overcoming life’s challenges. I speak at over 50 events per year from small businesses and the Fortune 500 to annual conferences of thousands. Please take time to look at my information and give me a call so we can find out if my services will be a good match for your event. ChadPorter.org

School of Science and Technology in San Antonio Texas

I wanted to quickly write about one of my recent events because of the overwhelming responses that I received and it was such a great group of people to be able to keynote. The School of Science and Technology has several campuses around Texas and invited me to speak at their recent convocation. What a great day for me and the 400 plus that attended. These events are so rewarding …Read More

Recent Testimonies from a Keynote Address at Convention

I had the recent pleasure of speaking at a Child Support Conference full of amazing people who work in the system that helps those seeking Child Support, including the attorneys who support the system. We had approximately 400 attendees and the energy was incredible. It was such a pleasure to deliver an hour keynote for such a great group of people. You are amazing and awesome! What you did at …Read More

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Testimony

The most inspirational speech I’ve ever heard. Words can not express what I took from Mr. Porters speech. The things he spoke on will touch and reach each and every person that hears it. I would highly recommend having him speak at any function you may be holding. He’s a God send and a true inspiration to everyone. Chris Balfour Beatty Infrastructure