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Chad delivers a powerful message. He is engaging and funny! I highly recommend you hire Chad today. Chad came and spoke to our group and got rave reviews. Change your life and do it NOW! Renny, REMAX

I just wanted to let you know that I have been to many Zig Ziglar conferences and always came away inspired. Your speech for our group yesterday was so moving, so entertaining and I don’t ever remember going through an entire gamut of emotions like I did yesterday. Thank you so much for your time, your energy and your spirit. God has truly blessed you for a reason! Vicky, REMAX

Chad spoke at our RE/charge Event on Wednesday. We laughed and cried and applauded this man. What an inspirational story. We only got a glimpse of what Chad has to offer. Looking forward to hearing more! Eileen, REMAX

I just wanted to thank you for your personal, heartfelt message, and sharing your journey that stirred every attendee in our meeting yesterday. It is an understatement to say you are a phenomenal motivational speaker because you , your story, and your response to life is a life lesson for all of us to stand back and truly understand the old saying “it is not what happens to you but how you respond ” that truly molds us into the people and character that we become. Thanks for sharing you, your warmth, determination, love for life, and allowing your spirituality to show through how you live your life. You were truly inspirational in every sense and touched every person in the meeting. Jewell, REMAX

I have heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of professional speakers and Chad has a unique quality among them. On stage, he presents and comes across as the humble person he is off the stage. His story is riveting, and his style is fun to listen to. A relatable guy with a remarkable story. Do yourself a favor and take the chance on Chad. It will be a meant to be moment for you and your organization. Tad, REMAX

Chad is a wonderful mixture of humor and suspense as he tells his story. He motivates and inspires with truths that can only come from experience. 5 stars!! Beth, REMAX

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to Chad speak. What a powerful message he delivered! When I wasn’t laughing I was crying. He has a great ability to get his message home. I am so fortunate to work for an amazing company that was able to have him speak to us. I just wish we had 4 hours instead of 45 minutes! Thank you so much Chad!! Marco, REMAX

I would highly recommend Chad for your organization. By far is one of the best that I have heard. He does a phenomenal job and is down to earth. Just a great guy! Curt, REMAX

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