Testimony from Attorney Conference.

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“Finding a good speaker for any conference can be challenging. But finding a Keynote speaker for a Welcome Session full of attorneys is it’s own special kind of challenge. Somehow, we found Chad Porter. And after looking at his website, his videos, and speaking to him on the phone, we thought he and his story would be a good fit. Still, we had no personal references of him and were wary of how it would go over. Thankfully, I can honestly say that we lucked out. It could not have been more perfect. First of all, Chad is just a great guy. He’s friendly, he’s personable, and he’s flexible to our needs. Secondly, he’s a fantastic speaker and storyteller. He knows how to sprinkle in some humor yet stay serious and true to his message at the same time. Our attorneys and spouses LOVED him. As engaging as he was already, he took it a step further and asked the audience to interact within his presentation. It really set the tone for our retreat. I am so thankful we found Chad, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great speaker. I wouldn’t classify him as a ‘motivational’ speaker in the traditional sense. Those often times are cheesy and have the same tired message. Chad really serves as a reminder not to take anything for granted and to never give up. Inspiring? Yes. Cheesy? No. Chad – thank you so much for journey out to our retreat and for being such a fantastic speaker, and in general, a great person.”
Jennifer Bergman

Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC


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